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There’s something beautiful about being in your own home, sitting in your chair, lying on your bed, making a cup of tea in your kitchen.
But sometimes life gets hard and living with a disability or getting a little older can make this freedom feel impossible. We’re here to tell you we can help. We have worked with many clients, making small adjustments in their homes so they can continue to enjoy their independence.


It could be as simple as lowering light switches so they’re wheelchair accessible, adding extra hand rails in bathrooms, changing taps so they’re easier to use, adding showers and removing baths, widening doors so a wheelchair can fit, adding ramps where needed or ensuring bathrooms have no steps up or down so they are fully accessible.
Of course all these considerations require expertise and we have both the knowledge and the experience to ensure the right outcomes for you. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure it still looks beautiful too.
Making your life easier in your own home is what we want to do, so call us today to make it happen.
Talk to us about our no interest payment options through CERTEGY too.

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